Specialist Resource Provision

Lead Teacher - Mrs Amy Vizzini - amy.vizzini@turnerschools.com

SEN Teaching Assistant - Rebecca Coomber

SEN Teaching Assistant - Louise Crane

SEN Teaching Assistant - Chelsea King

SEN Teaching Assistant - Sophie Hilton

SEN Teaching Assistant - Josephine Burton

SEN Teaching Assistant - Karan Lawrence

SEN Teaching Assistant - Chantelle Russell

SEN Teaching Assistant - Leah Bechelli

SEN Teaching Assistant - Miss Ella Lincoln-Cook 

So why The Lighthouse? It stands tall, it shines bright, and it paves the way for others; these are qualities that we seek to embody, and want to instil in our pupils. As such, it seems an appropriate name. Of course, if you have any suggestions, we will be looking for class names, so we may open the floor to your ideas (I like the thought of a competition!).

Behaviour / Reward system

As part of the changes we are making, the Lighthouse is using a very quick and very enticing reward system to engage pupils. A short, easily attainable sticker chart, with a theme of their choosing, is given to each pupil. If they achieve the amount of stars they need, they are given a chance to claim a small but meaningful reward of their choice; this could range from 15 minutes extra play, laptop time, lego, or any other reward that is meaningful to them. We have already seen huge changes in behaviour, and pupils seem to enjoy managing their won charts and keeping track of progress!

Parent Clinics

Some parents will have heard in person that myself and possibly Ms. Vizzini will be offering a drop in hour after school on specific days. This is likely to launch after half term, as there is a lot to do and share with you all. However, I am settling on Monday afternoons as the designated day; this will give plenty of time during the week to action points raised in order to make sure staff and pupils are prepared for what is to come. They will run until 4.30pm. If you require a special appointment time please contact the office as we are more than willing to help.

Contact books

Contact books will be signed each and every day by staff. Mostly, it will simply be headlines (good day, worked well, etc) but should we record an event in a contact book please feel free to contact us for any extra details you may require. Please use the books to keep us informed of any changes or details that we may need to know; the littlest things often have the biggest impact.

Kindest regards,

Mrs. Vizzini