Specialist Resource Provision

Martello's SRP

Here at Martello Primary, we are proud to offer support for children with specific special educational needs via our Specialist Resource Provision. Our objective is to ensure that children who have been assigned a place in our SRP with a diagnosis of Autism and an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) are given the tools and skills to access opportunities in both education and the real world, and eventually access mainstream teaching and learning. We aim to work with families and professionals to ensure that pupils are guided on the right path to eventual inclusion and access, whilst removing barriers that may obstruct their learning journey. Our team consists of two specialist teachers, HLTA’s and TA’s who work diligently to secure positive outcomes and promote understanding and support around ASD. 

Our provision vision is:

We aim to promote the concept of equity before equality; each child is unique, and so are their needs. On this understanding we strive to ensure that the input and strategies are tailored to help our pupils build confidence and independence, enabling them to engage with the curriculum, with an emphasis on the successes and well-being of each child along their journey. We work alongside Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists to help pupils develop their communication and interaction skills that they might have more confidence while they work towards inclusion.

Our support also extends into the mainstream environment; we work closely with the teachers and staff beyond the SRP to help develop support for those pupils who find the day-to-day environment challenging.

SRP placements are designated by the local authority in consultation with the school, families and all external agencies involved in securing the best outcomes for your children.

We welcome any and all enquiries, and encourage interested parties to visit us. Appointments can be made via the school office.