Sports & Clubs

At Martello Primary, we aim to inspire children to lead healthy, active lifestyles through the teaching of a broad range of activities in Physical Education and Physical Activity. In this way, we hope to engage our children in competitive sports both in and out of school hours. Our extensive curriculum challenges learners to excel in all strands of PE and provides opportunities for children to collaborate to become more self confident. As a result, children embed the values of our school and the importance of staying fit through the enjoyment of Physical Education and Physical Activity.

Clubs and competitions Overview We won the Recognition Award and the Virtual Award for the progress, commitment and engagement to the Folkestone Virtual Games, and took part in the Folkestone School Games 627 project from September 2019 to March 2020. We also won medals for participating in the School Games Basketball, and Sports hall Athletics inter school competitions. We are planning inter school competitions for netball, rounders, football, and a virtual LIVE sports day competition.

Our break and lunch times are filled with activities such as, the mile a day, Football games, Dance routines, Basketball games, and 60 second challenges set by our sport leaders. The children also have a range of equipment to encourage free play.