In Year Admissions

Martello Primary is a non-selective school and all applications are considered. We comply with the Admissions Code and our Published Admissions Number (PAN) is 30 pupils.

Please read our admission policy below.

For admissions into Reception class, parents and carers are required to complete an application form known as the “Common Application Form” (CAF) through Kent County Council. This can be found by clicking here for the Kent County Council ‘Applying for a School’ web page which also provides other key information on both primary and secondary school admissions. Forms should be submitted in accordance with the LA’s published deadlines for applications.

If you have any questions about admissions to our school please contact us.

In Year Admission – How to Apply

If you are looking for a place at Martello Primary because you have recently moved into the area, or your child is at another school and you feel that a change of school would benefit their education and/or general well being, you are entitled to apply for a school place. We have waiting lists for year groups which are currently full. The criteria below is used to rank applicants on waiting lists. To make an application to one of our existing cohorts, please complete an 'In Year Admissions Form' below and return to the school office.

Our Subscription / Oversubscription Criteria:

Places will be offered in accordance with the following criteria (please see our Admissions Policy for full details):

  1. Children in Local Authority Care or Previously in Local Authority Care

  2. Children of Turner Schools staff

  3. Children with a sibling attending the school at the time of application.

  4. Health, Social and Special Access Reasons (Medical).

  5. Nearness of Children’s Homes to School


All parents have the statutory right to appeal against any decision refusing them a school place.

Appeals for Reception places are made after National Offer Day.

If you applied to move your child to a different school but were not offered a place you have the right to make an appeal.