Turner Schools Trust


  • Transforming children’s futures.

Working effectively in socially and economically challenging areas and having an unflinching focus on improving outcomes for the pupils we serve.

  • Empowering families.

Working transparently and closely with families as joint partners, providing support so that our children are successful.

  • Strengthening communities.

Expecting our academies to contribute strongly to their communities and society in general. Creating young citizens who can increasingly change society, including their community, for the better.

Our school is part of a the Turner Schools Trust, a family of schools providing education through pre-school, primary, secondary and on to sixth form.

Turner Schools is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and a Department for Education approved Sponsor.

We are an exempt charitable company (company number 10084743), meaning we are not-for-profit, and are regulated directly by the Department for Education. In legal terms, our principle object is to advance the education of children.

The Turner Schools Family

The Turner Schools family includes five schools in Folkestone.

We provide education through pre-school, primary, secondary and on to sixth form.

Each academy is individual and responds to the needs of its local community to provide the best possible opportunity for its young people. We promote high academic standards, while ensuring crucial opportunities for personal and emotional development.

For information, all our schools are officially designated as Academies.

Click on the logos below to reach each school’s website:

Turner staff will ‘Walk the Turner Talk

They will:

  • Speak and act with care: always show compassion and respect for children.

  • Act boldly: be ambitious for yourself and the children and young people we serve.

  • Learn from adversity: be evaluative, thoughtful and reflective.

  • Challenge convention: be curious, welcome difference and unfamiliar thinking.

  • Connect with others: support colleagues, parents and pupils to make a great team.

  • Use your voice: offer different views and ask questions.

  • Do what it takes: be relentless in pursuing the best for children.

  • Ask for support: be open and honest when plans go awry.

  • Don’t give up: be calm, resilient and measured when managing challenges.

For more information on Turner Schools please visit: www.turnerschools.com