Trust Level Governance 

Martello Primary is part of the Turner Schools Multi Academy Trust.

Our Governance Structure ensures there are clear reporting lines and explicit requirements to ensure probity, good governance and outstanding performance.

Members are responsible for determining the governance of the Trust. They approve our Articles of Association and appoint Trustees in accordance with the Articles. 

Trustees focus on three core functions of governance: 

All Members, Trustees and Governors complete an annual declaration of Business Interests and declare any pecuniary interests in meetings.

The Board delegates responsibilities to the school Challenge & Community Board as set out in the Scheme of Delegation.  

View our Articles and Memorandum of Association

School-level governance

Governors serve as a key link between the schools, parents/carers and the local community. They monitor the performance of the school, advising the Trustees of any concerns.

We have a committed team of Governors on the Challenge & Community Board who are actively involved in the life of the school. They reflect the community we serve and include parent representatives. Morehall and Martello primary schools have a joint Challenge & Community Board, membership is representative of both school communities.

The Governors are passionate about our School and are here to make sure that every pupil is given the best education, opportunities and experiences possible. They play an important role in overseeing the work of the school, acting as “critical friends” for the Senior Leadership Team and holding the school to account for performance and development.

Challenge and Community Board (CCB)

Chair: Jenny Fox

To contact the Chair, please email, contact via the school office or  01303 275128

CCB Safeguarding Lead: Benjamin Williams

CCB SEND Lead: Maja Hjelmskog (Maternity Leave) Interim SEND Lead: Jenny Fox

Lead Safeguarding Trustee: Dean Jones

Our Governors:

Natalie Barrow - ex-offico governor

Natalie is Principal of Martello Primary and and ex-officio governor by virtue of this position.

Chris Bates - co-opted governor

Jenny Fox - co-opted governor

Jenny lives in Folkestone and is a Manager for HSBC.

Emma Hammond - parent Governor* (*Morehall Primary)

Emma is a Parent Governor. She has a background in employee engagement and communications and a personal interest in education and pupil wellbeing.

Maja Hjelmskog - co-opted governor

Maja is an experienced Occupational Therapist and specialist dyslexia teacher who spent 7 years working in London at a  specialist day school for children with specific learning difficulties. 

She has worked with a broad range of children, providing assessment and intervention for children on the autistic spectrum, children with dyslexia and dyspraxia. She is particularly interested in supporting pupils with SEND and passionate about supporting and nurturing  children’s well-being and anxiety around learning. 

Virginia (Gini) Mitchell - parent Governor

Gini has been actively involved as a parent, serving on the PTFA and initiating the development of the community garden.

Gini has expertise in supporting businesses at Board level as well as Change Management, Communications and Project Coordination for international companies. 

Gini has a strong interest in the connection between promoting well being and a love of learning. She has 25 years experience of community engagement and bringing neighbourhoods together through activities and events.

Am’e Moris - ex-offico governor* (*Morehall Primary)

Am’e is Principal of Morehall Primary and ex-officio governor by virtue of this position.

Martha Tracey - parent Governor

Martha is a parent with expertise in HR, sustainability and communications. She is committed to representing the varied views and needs of the community.

She is excited to help Martello to be well connected with the environment, life and community of Folkestone in order to provide a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and high-performing school.

Benjamin Williams - co-opted governor

Ben is a qualified Teacher and Education leader.

Governors who have left in the past 12 months:

Charlotte Speed - ex-officio governor

Charlotte is Head of Martello Primary School and and ex-officio governor by virtue of this position.

Linda Pickles - co-opted governor