Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent at Martello

As a school supporting an increasingly diverse community, it is our responsibility to enable each and every individual to achieve their best, both academically and personally. This diversity brings a richness to our school which we celebrate and capitalise on. The curriculum offered at Martello significantly prioritises reading, mathematical fluency and oracy in writing as essential skills in accessing the full curriculum offer and success for all. As part of the Turner Trust, the school has worked together with curriculum leaders to create an ambitious and progressive curriculum to meet the needs of our unique Martello Primary community. 

Children build essential building blocks over time based on their individual starting points. Learning uses high quality resources and thoughtful and thought provoking tasks through knowledge rich content. We strive to help children think, to be curious and enquiring; overcoming barriers and challenges with courage and resilience.

 Essential to our curriculum is learning to be a kind and compassionate human. Children learn about connection, about each other, themselves and the broad and diverse world around them. At Martello, we respect the individual and learn about healthy minds, bodies and relationships and how to be safe.


Our curriculum content and delivery: 

 Curriculum Implementation at Martello 



 The impact of the curriculum is monitored in a number of ways:

If you would like any further details about the curriculum offer at Martello Primary School, please contact the school. For exisiting parents and carers we suggest your child's class teacher in the first instance. Alternatively, please email or phone the school office who will be able to direct your query to the most appropriate person: martellooffice@turnerschools.com or 01303 847540.