At Martello, we believe in nurturing the talents of every child and exposing them to a range of experiences to support them in finding their talents and passions. 

Music lessons at Martello follow the Kapow scheme of work which explores the inter-related dimensions of music whilst being categorised into four key strands: performing, listening, composing and the history of music. As pupils move through the school they will progressively develop the skills of listening, appraising and responding to music, alongside developing the ability to compose and perform. Pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves musically with tuned and untuned percussion, and in year 5 children will learn to play the guitar with a specialist teacher.

Alongside our music curriculum, we also offer individual and small group instrumental and vocal lessons through our partnership with Rocksteady music school. Grants and bursaries are also available to assist families with the cost of these lessons.