Ethos, Aims and Values

Martello Primary is a family, a safe and nurturing environment where all children have the opportunity to thrive and achieve in their own learning journey.

Diversity is at the heart of Martello.

We celebrate the fundamental uniqueness of all children and provide them with learning opportunities that match their needs, development and starting points.

Our children are taught to understand and love themselves as well as those around them, we accept, support and nurture.

Our Curriculum sets out:

  • To provide a high quality, relevant education for all children.

  • To provide a curriculum that is designed to be broad, balanced and relevant to the experiences and needs of the pupils

  • To assist all pupils to develop to their full potential by striving to cater for their different strengths, abilities and interests.

  • To equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for both the present and the future needs of the immediate community and society at large.

  • To help pupils to understand the world in which they live and to develop the ability to contribute as a member of a co-operative group and to recognise their responsibility within a community.

  • To create a lively stimulating school where every individual is encouraged to maximise their opportunities for intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, aesthetic and social development.

  • To develop ‘masters’ of skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare pupils for secondary education.

  • To commit extra time to English and mathematics so that pupils can attain proficiency and address the curriculum with confidence.

Our curriculum is designed, organised and planned to ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development which means that in practice it places equal importance on core (reading, writing, maths) and foundation subjects (e.g. history, geography, art etc.)

We also place a high priority on ensuring the physical and mental well-being of children is met, understanding that they will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure.

We provide for this through our well-planned approach to social, moral, cultural and spiritual (SMSC) development.

Enabling children to reach national expectations and above is of vital importance to us if they are to succeed at the next stage of their education and go on to achieve their aspirations

We have high expectations for all children and set the bar high, knowing that all children can succeed, we firmly believe that our role is to provide the step up to ensure that the children meet those expectations.

From the earliest opportunity pupils will be encouraged to build tolerance, make good choices and take responsibility, in readiness for them taking their place in society.

The Martello Core Values, run through all aspects of academic learning and personal development:

  • Responsibility

  • Courage

  • Optimism

  • Resilience

  • Respect

  • Aspiration

We aim to inspire children to become reflective, engaged and excited learners. Our pupils are stimulated to ask questions and have enquiry minds. We aim to develop each child to be independent and to have a growth mindset. Our children recognise that failure and making mistakes is part of the learning process, encouraging them to take risks. Children learn that struggle is often a necessary stage to powerful learning.

Martello Primary is proudly part of the Turner Schools Trust.

The Turner Trust values and ethos perfectly compliment the approach at Martello and works in harmony to ensure the children in the Turner family are supported during the entire school journey.

The Turner Trust values are:-

  • Speak and act with care: always show compassion and respect for children

  • Act boldly: be ambitious for yourself and the children and young people we serve

  • Learn from adversity: be evaluative, thoughtful and reflective

  • Challenge convention: be curious, welcome difference and unfamiliar thinking.

  • Connect with others: support colleagues, parents and pupils to make a great team.

  • Use your voice: offer different views and ask questions.

  • Do what it takes: be relentless in pursuing the best for children.

  • Ask for support: be open and honest when plans go awry

  • Don’t give up: be calm, resilient and measured when managing challenges.