COVID-19 Catch Up

Martello received a Covid-19 catch up premium during the 2020-21 academic year. Please click on the plan below to see the details of the allocation. These monies have been used to support children to catch up on lost teaching experienced over the course of the pandemic.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that our children have missed considerable amounts of schooling in one form or another.

Our focus during the past year has been on identifying the best ways to help pupils get back on track or ‘catch up’.

A key element in our provision for 'Catch Up and Keep Up' has been to ensure detailed accurate assessment of the children's gap's in knowledge and adapting where appropriate.

We have worked collectively to ensure that we do not lower expectations but through key strategies have provided the children with adapted, differentiated and targeted learning that ensures opportunities to repeat and practise crucial content and concepts.

Specifically, our approach to responsive feedback, precision teaching and 1:1 intervention as strategies to support children's catch up ensures a balance between filling gaps in knowledge and children's time in class.

Our approach to supporting children's learning during and post school closures has centered on:-

  • The effective and precise use of assessment and the subsequent data.

  • Identify the key knowledge that is most significant to our children when adjusting curriculum content.

  • Ensuring that pupils have the time to repeat or practise key content.

  • Ensuring that interventions and in class learning are blended to maximise the impact on long term learning, supporting children to Catch Up and Keep Up.