At Martello, our history curriculum has been organised chronologically to broaden children’s awareness and understanding of history, supporting them to sequence events from the past confidently. Pupils at Martello will learn about ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in KS1, before piecing together areas of British modern history in KS2. Our aim is to inspire a love of history, equipping our pupils with the ability to critically question and piece together what we know about the past and how we know it.

We use high-quality texts to provide pupils with rich historical content and through carefully structured lessons, offer cross-curricular opportunities for children to discover, record and display their learning about history, within geography, drama, art and DT activities. We also aim to offer frequent opportunities for enriching historical experiences through school trips and history workshops. 

Subject-specific vocabulary is explicitly taught and pupils are given regular opportunities for retrieval practice within history lessons through quizzes and games. Pupils are able to showcase their understanding at the end of a unit of work, through extended pieces of writing or presentations. Lessons are carefully designed to ensure that SEND pupils are able to access the learning at their level and that pupils who have a particular flair for history are challenged to think more critically and deepen their understanding.