Turner 25

Turner 25 - Preparing our Pupils

As a Trust we work hard to ensure our pupils receive a high-quality and academically focused education, however this is by no means the limit of our ambitions. There is a wealth of evidence highlighting the challenges facing children who grow up in coastal communities like ours, and it is so important that we go beyond the classroom to support young people in all aspects of their lives.

Our five schools serve pupils from 2-18 across Folkestone in one of the most deprived communities in the South East, which is why we want to provide the extracurricular activities that we know will prove hugely important to their long-term development.

Below is the list of 25 enriching experiences that all pupils will have participated in during their time at Martello Primary School as part of our curriculum offer. These activities will ensure the personal development of our children, readying them for life beyond primary school. They relate to specific areas of giving, relating to others, exercising, awareness, trying out, direction, resilience, emotions, acceptance and meaning.

At the end of Year 6 they will be awarded a Turner 25 certificate.

  1. Carry out an act of kindness for the local community.

  2. Watch a live performance.

  3. Explore local historical landmarks.

  4. Learn to swim.

  5. Learn to play a musical instrument.

  6. Take part in a citizenship award.

  7. Perform on a stage.

  8. Post a letter to Santa.

  9. Write a daily positive affirmation journal

  10. Speak to a policeman, paramedic, nurse, firefighter about their role and responsibilities within the community.

  11. Walk to a shop and buy something independently.

  12. Visit a library and own a library card.

  13. Watch a live dance performance.

  14. Visit a zoo.

  15. Make a home for an insect community.

  16. Eat what you grow.

  17. Watch live a live sporting event.

  18. Watch a live musical performance.

  19. Be a London tourist.

  20. Participate in Beach School and learn how to stay safe at the beach.

  21. Learn CPR.

  22. Visit France.

  23. Take part in a residential trip.

  24. Invest and make a profit - enterprise project.

  25. Gain a cycling proficiency award.