We believe it is essential to ensure pupils hold the core foundations for a happy and successful adult life. Children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world, spending as much time online as they are offline. As well as offering many positive experiences, this can also present challenges and risks. It is therefore our duty of care here at Martello to ensure that we are safeguarding our pupils by giving them the appropriate Personal, Social Health and Economic education. Through our school values, we aim to embed the key aspects of PSHE and emotional and mental health and well-being. Our aim is for Martello pupils to demonstrate that they can make good decisions about their own health and well-being and be able to understand and talk about their feelings and emotions, whilst treating others how they would like to be treated.

Our children are exposed to the teaching of PSHE on a weekly basis, as well as through opportunities in assemblies. We have chosen to use a clear and progressive PSHE curriculum called ‘You, Me, PSHE’ to support our teachers in delivering highly effective lessons but encourage flexibility from our staff to respond and adapt to the needs of the children in their class. We take pupils’ mental health and well being very seriously and so termly wellbeing lessons also feature in our curriculum.

At Martello, we believe it is our duty of care to ensure that we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure our pupils are educated in how to keep themselves safe and who to go to if they feel unsafe. For this reason, we have decided to include sex education within our curriculum offer for all pupils. We want our pupils to leave Martello as confident individuals who understand themselves and others and prepare them for the pressures of modern life and for the education they will receive in secondary school.

Using a well respected scheme called the ‘Christopher Winter Project’, Relationships and Sex Education is taught as part of the curriculum by the class teacher. High-quality resources and materials appropriate to the topic and age of class are used to teach content progressively, gradually building on pupils' new learning. Teachers are able to scaffold and develop learning at an appropriate pace for the children in their class, returning to learning as appropriate if children need further consolidation. Ample time is given to ensure children’s understanding is accurate, preventing the likelihood of misconceptions developing in this sensitive subject.

Our PSHE and RSE offer can be explored in more depth below.