Year R Blog

Teacher - Miss Jessica Maynard -

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Marie Dunham

In Year R we use Tapestry for home learning. Please watch the instruction videos below to learn how you use Tapestry:

How to use Tapestry (mobile version)

Tapestry - mobile.mp4

How to use Tapestry (website version)

How to use Tapestry website.mp4


If you would like to share the learning that your child does at home, you can upload a picture to tapestry. We love seeing the fantastic learning that children engage in at home and use these pictures as a talking point with the children in school.


This term we are learning about Traditional Tales. On the first day of this term, the children found out we had had a wolf visit our outside area! They were very excited and quickly worked out what book he was from and they wrote letters to help him get back to his story book. We will be learning The Three Little Pigs story in detail and work on changing the characters and materials of the houses to create our own version of the story. Later in the term, we will also learn the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears!


In Maths this term, we will be learning the names of 3D shapes and beginning to use mathematical language to describe the 3D shapes. We will be learning how to compare quantities and amounts. We will recap our number bonds to 10 and patterns to secure our knowledge of these concepts.

Read, Write, Inc. (RWI)

We will continue to learn Set 1 sounds until the children can confidently and consistently recognise these sounds at speed. Once they have achieved this, they may begin to learn Set 2 sounds (ay, ee, igh, etc.). We are learning how to Fred talk to read a word and use Fred fingers to spell a word to write. Fred talk is how children learn to hear and say each sound on its own. During reading, children will Fred talk the word by saying each sound on its own before blending the words together to read the word. In writing, the children will say the word and then break the word into sounds by using Fred fingers - one finger for each sound e.g. sheep is three fingers, sh-ee-p. This helps them to remember all the sounds they need to write a word.

You can support your child's learning at home by using Fred talk with your child, e.g. can you do your z-i-p? Can you get ready for b-e-d? Continue reading or practising their sounds with them daily.

Understanding The World (UTW)

In Understanding the World this term, we will learn about habitats, specifically minibeast habitats. Throughout the term we will learn about where minibeasts live and why they live there and we will end the term by creating our own bug hotel.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

In our Personal, Social and Emotional Development lessons, we will look at right and wrong choices. We will think about how we should consider our actions and behaviours and how to learn from our mistakes.

Family Display Board

I would like to update our family display board at school to link with our English topic ‘People Who Help Us’. If you are willing to, we would like to add photos of you, the children's parents. Whether you help people pack their shopping at Tesco or you stay at home and look after your children, you are all people who help us in various ways. If possible, we would like to have a photo of you in your work uniform, whether you have a full uniform, just a name badge or you wear your own clothes. We will use these photos in class discussions so the children can share how their parents help others.

If you could add a photo of yourself to Tapestry with your name, your job title and a sentence or two about what your job role involves, I am sure the children will proudly tell their friends about how you help others.