Year R Blog

Teacher - Miss Jessica Maynard -

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sharon West


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term, we will be focussing on being able to get ourselves changed for PE and outside play, including being able to do the zips on our coats. We will learn to recognise and emphasise with others’ feelings. We will be tolerant of others' differences and show respect to each other.


We will learn about traditional tales and how they have been retold for many years. We will be able to anticipate events in a story and begin to innovate our own story. Our focus texts will be The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs.

In RWI we will continue to learn set 1 and set 2 sounds to be able to read and write simple captions independently.


We will learn to count and recognise numbers to 10. We will learn how to add and subtract with numbers up to 10 and to make 10 using our number bond knowledge. We will learn to recognise and name 3D shapes and their properties and be able to tell the time to the O’clock.

Understanding the World

Whilst learning about traditional tales, we will focus on the animals in the stories and research where they live and how they live. We will learn about their habitats and the difference between a natural habitat and a man made habitat. We will learn about the signs of spring.



This term our topic is ‘People Who Help Us’. We will be learning about the Dentist, Paramedics, Coastguards, Police and Firefighters. We will spend a week learning about each occupation and how they can help us. We are also hoping to visit the Fire Station this term and have some visitors speak to us about their job role. Our focus will be on Non-Fiction Text and looking at the characteristics of non-fiction. We will continue to work on hearing and writing the dominant sounds in words and then move onto writing labels, captions and simple sentences.


In maths, we will be developing our understanding of numbers 1 - 5 and looking at these numbers in greater depth. We will look at what the numbers look like, how we can make the numbers in different ways, equal and unequal groups and comparing mass and measuring capacity.

Understanding the World

Our topic this term is ‘People Who Help Us’ and we will learn about what adults can help us in school and out of school. We will look at keeping safe in water to link to the Coastguard and road safety to link to the Police. We will discuss safer strangers and how we can find a safer stranger if we need help outside of school. We will also learn about famous people in the past who helped others.



In Reception this term we will be reading Stick Man and then The Jolly Christmas Postman. On the first day of term we had a special delivery with a note saying ‘please help me’, it was Stick Man stuck in a box! The children came up with fantastic ideas as to how he got there, what might have happened to him and how we could help. We will learn how to story map and then edit the story to create our own versions. We will focus on learning to hear and write the initial sounds in words and then move onto writing CVC words and simple labels and captions.


In maths, we will be developing our understanding of numbers 1 - 5 and looking at these numbers in greater depth. We will look at what the numbers look like, how we can make the numbers in different ways, what shape links to each number and telling the time to O’clock.

Understanding the World

Our topic this term is ‘Seasons and Celebrations’, we will learn about festivals celebrated at this time of year all around the world. We will focus on Diwali, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If your family celebrates any other festivals at this time of the year, we would love to find out more about what it is you celebrate and how you celebrate it!

We will also learn about the seasons and look closely at how the environment changes from autumn to winter.


Reception has settled into school beautifully. They have come into school with smiles on their faces every day and have been ready to learn.


In English this term our topic is ‘All About Me’, we will be reading books about families, friends and feelings. We started the term by reading ‘The Colour Monster’ and discussed our feelings around starting school and what makes us happy, we even made our own colour monsters! We then read ‘Mixed’ and experimented with paints and coloured water to see how different colours are made. We will read lots of stories this term about being ourselves and learning about the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends and families.


In Maths this term we will be matching, sorting and comparing quantities. We will be comparing size, mass and capacity and exploring patterns.


In RWI, we will be learning the single sounds, what they look like, how to write them and what sound they make. We are also learning to orally blend words by playing games e.g. touch your n-e-ck, touch your l-i-p.

Understanding the World

In Understanding the World, we will be focussing on our own history, how we have changed from being a baby to now and exploring our local environment. We will compare our own houses and our routes to school, and will take a walk in our local environment to explore and discover what points of interest are near the school.

In Year R we use Tapestry for home learning. Please watch the instruction videos below to learn how you use Tapestry:

How to use Tapestry (mobile version)

Tapestry - mobile.mp4

How to use Tapestry (website version)

How to use Tapestry website.mp4


If you would like to share the learning that your child does at home, you can upload a picture to tapestry. We love seeing the fantastic learning that children engage in at home and use these pictures as a talking point with the children in school.


In English and Understanding the World, our learning focus this term is ‘I wonder where in the world…’. We will be reading Handa’s surprise and Harry saves the Ocean. We will find out where the characters in the story live and what it is like to live there, specifically looking at the animals and food that are found in those countries. Harry saves the Ocean, focusses on plastic pollution and we will find out what we can do to reduce our pollution and help save the oceans like Harry.


In Maths, we are consolidating recognising numbers to 20 and being able to count up to and past 20. We will continue to focus on knowing number bonds to 10. We will then learn how to double a number by ensuring we are adding the same number to itself. We will also look at halving and sharing a number into equal groups.

Read, Write, Inc. (RWI)

We will continue to learn Set 1 sounds until the children can confidently and consistently recognise these sounds at speed. Once they have achieved this, they may begin to learn Set 2 sounds (ay, ee, igh, etc.). We are learning how to Fred talk to read a word and use Fred fingers to spell a word to write. Fred talk is how children learn to hear and say each sound on its own. During reading, children will Fred talk the word by saying each sound on its own before blending the words together to read the word. In writing, the children will say the word and then break the word into sounds by using Fred fingers - one finger for each sound e.g. sheep is three fingers, sh-ee-p. This helps them to remember all the sounds they need to write a word.

You can support your child's learning at home by using Fred talk with your child, e.g. can you do your z-i-p? Can you get ready for b-e-d? Continue reading or practising their sounds with them daily.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

In PSED, we are reading The Cautious Caterpillar and The Colour Monster story. We will be discussing our feelings around moving up to Year 1, what they are looking forward to and thinking about any worries we have and discussing these together. We will be writing letters and drawing pictures for Miss Rose so that she can get to know us.

Family Display Board

I would like to update our family display board at school to link with our English topic ‘People Who Help Us’. If you are willing to, we would like to add photos of you, the children's parents. Whether you help people pack their shopping at Tesco or you stay at home and look after your children, you are all people who help us in various ways. If possible, we would like to have a photo of you in your work uniform, whether you have a full uniform, just a name badge or you wear your own clothes. We will use these photos in class discussions so the children can share how their parents help others.

If you could add a photo of yourself to Tapestry with your name, your job title and a sentence or two about what your job role involves, I am sure the children will proudly tell their friends about how you help others.