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Teaching Assistant - Frances Cooper

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End of Year 6 Expectations

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End of Year Expectations - Year 6



In maths this term Year 6 will be learning about decimals and percentage, and how they are linked with fractions, that we learnt about last term. This will involve multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and then moving to multiplying and dividing decimals by integers. We will also be converting between decimals and fractions. Once the children are confident, we will move on to learning about percentages and finding percentages of an amount.

Guided Reading

This term we will be continuing to read, ‘The Secret Garden’ and finding out about the many adventures of the main character, ‘Mary Lennox.’ She has changed so much since the beginning of the story, and it is really getting interesting now! Year 6 are excited to see what happens to Mary and her cousin, Colin Craven and whether they will get inside the secret garden together.


Our English work will be based on, ‘The Secret Garden,’ and will start with learning the features of formal letters and then writing formal letters to different characters in the story. Year 6 will then use this information to write formal letters to people in our communities, town or country to give their writing a real life context. We will be focusing on modal verbs, verb tenses and editing our writing to ensure that it is the best that it can be.


This term we will be continuing with our ‘Light, Earth and Space,’ topic, but we will be focusing more on how we see and how light travels. The children will have the opportunity to plan and carry out investigations with a focus on the data that can be recorded. The children will also be learning about shadows and reflections. A very exciting term ahead!


In RE this term, the children will be learning about the story of Saint Paul with a specific focus on people changing their minds about something and behave differently. It is the only Christian unit covered in Year 6 and builds on what the children have already learnt about Jesus and Christianity.


This term the children will be learning about networks, and how the Internet works. This will involve them learning about different parts of a school network, and how data travels across the internet.


In History this term the children will be learning about ‘The Great Exhibition’ opened by Prince Albert, who was married to Queen Victoria, and the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the country and the British Empire.


In geography this term the children will be completing a case study called : The Amazon Rainforest is under threat. Why does this matter? This will involve the children learning about Central and Southern America and the key physical and human features of the land and then move on to learning about the Amazon Rainforest. The children will learn the different layers of the rainforest and how it is under threat and what impact this has on it.


In PSHE this term the children will be learning about keeping safe and managing risk. This will involve the children taking part in class discussions and being provided with practical ways of managing situations that they may find themselves in.


In music, our focus will be around the son, ‘You've Got A Friend,’ by Carole King. The song has a strong theme of friendship having no boundaries, and always being there for one another. We will be focusing on pitch, rhythm and pulse whilst learning to sing the song.


In PE this term the children will continue to develop their skills in playing team games and understanding the need to complete physical exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.


This term in art the children will be looking at the artist, William Morris and exploring some of his printing designs which will allow the children to create their own. They will then learn a range of different printing techniques to create their own designs.