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Teacher - Miss Rhiannon Williams -

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Kate Yates

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End of Year 5 Expectations

Click on the link below to see what your child is expected to achieve by the end of their current school year in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

End of Year Expectations - Year 5


In Maths this term, we will be learning all things Fractions! Firstly, we’ll be identifying equivalent fractions, then we’ll be converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. In addition we will spend lots of time adding, subtracting and multiplying a variety of fractions. This is our largest unit of the year and touches on some of the most complex concepts, but as we always do in Year 5, we will tackle it head on and succeed!

Guided Reading

Our class book this term is Kensuke’s Kingdom: a wonderful adventure story written by Michael Morpurgo. Washed up on a desert island, Michael struggles to survive on his own. He curls up to sleep with no water and no food. He wakes up the next morning, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit and a bowl of water. Then he realises… he isn’t alone. Make sure to ask the children about the story this term, as it is an adventure of a lifetime!

Make sure to ask your children about our class book because that’s all we’ll be talking about this term!


In English, we will be writing our own adventure narratives. We will discuss different punctuation and grammar aspects of writing and pick apart what makes an exciting adventure story that you wouldn’t want to put down. We will also be focusing on different types of figurative language to use in our writing. After we have written our narratives, we will write a short biography of who the real Kensuke is and how he came to live on the island.


Our topic for the next two terms in Science is Light, Earth and Space. We’ll be discussing and discovering all things; Solar System, Earth movements, Sun, Moon and how light travels. The children will take part in multiple experiments and will begin to start collecting data as our working scientifically skill this term.

Our home learning termly topic, in Year 5, will be based upon the Solar System. The Solar System includes the Sun, the Earth and all of the other planets, asteroids and comets. We would love the children to make a model or drawing of the Solar System or create a fact file with lots of information. We will use these are part of our display at school, so get creative!

Catch Up Sessions

In our Maths catch up session, we will be focusing on times tables, particularly the 4’s, 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. Once we have mastered these, we will move onto 9’s and 12’s!

In our English catch up sessions, we will be focusing on our Term 3 spellings words and handwriting of those spellings words. In addition, we will cover fronted adverbials and relative clauses. Our wonderful TA Miss Yates will also be running Vocabulary Ninjas, which teach the children at least 5 new words a week! We will also have a word of the week challenge, where the children will need to use our word of the week, as many times as they can. This could be in conversations or in their writing.


This term we will be learning all about Chinese New Year. The New Year festival is centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and customs. There is a twelve-year lunar cycle that determines what the year will be called, 2021 is the year of the Ox. According the experts, the year of the Ox is a luckier year than most other years. Fingers crossed for a lucky year ahead for us all!


This term, we will be learning firstly about the importance of privacy settings and passwords. Feel free to speak to the children at home about online safety and making sure that they are protecting their identities online. You can also check out a cool website that tells you how easy your password is to get and how long it would take them (link added below). Then, we will be creating our own virtual art gallery. The children will have to create their own art works and post them in their own virtual gallery.


From Oliver Cromwell’s significance in History, we begin to look at life after Cromwell in the Glorious Revolution. The monarchy has been restored and King Charles II sits on the throne but due to the Great Plague and The Great Fire of London, James II becomes the King, an unpopular King at that!


New Zealand! Yep, that’s right! We’re learning all about all the wonderful things New Zealand offers to our diverse globe. The children will develop their knowledge of grid references and locating New Zealand on a map in relation to other countries. Also, they will learn about the unique wildlife and culture New Zealand has to offer. Feel free to create your own family Hakka and post it on the Google Classroom.


Money, money, money! This is our topic in PSHE this term. The children will have the opportunity to talk about how to save money, be aware of media scams when taking out loans and uncover whether supermarket offers are as good as they say they are. Feel free to talk to your children at home about life with money and how important it is to save.

(Managing Risk from Term 1)


Make sure to log into Charanga’s Yumu (school home learning site) and learn the rap to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! We’re going to have so much fun at school learning it - make sure to upload a video performing the rap!

Year 5 EoY Expectations.pdf


We have a very exciting Art project this term: we will be creating and designing a marble run out of cardboard! The children will have to carefully consider their design, create and be sure of the sturdiness of the frame and then test out their marble run to see if it’s effective.


Bonjour! This term working on our speaking and listening skills and learning different animals in French. We will begin to form simple sentences about the animals and share with a friend.