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End of Year 4 Expectations

Click on the link below to see what your child is expected to achieve by the end of their current school year in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

End of Year Expectations - Year 4



This term we begin our new text ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Murporgo. We explore the characters, looking at their thoughts and feelings. We will write character descriptions and use these to retell parts of the story from a character’s point of view. Lastly, we will use our writing skills to complete a diary entry from David’s point of view.

Guided Reading

Over this term, we will be looking in depth at the vocabulary in the book. The story takes us back in time to the Second World War and follows the lives of two boys as they are evacuated from London. The boys are sent away to Devon where they have live changing adventures and discover something important. What will they do? Who will they tell? Together, we will piece together different clues about what has happened as we read the book!


We will learn how to add suffixes (-ness, -ful) and prefixes (un-, dis-) to root words. Click on the link below for the spelling list for year 4.


Multiplication and division

This term we will revise the tables learnt so far and use them to solve word problems. We will move onto learn the x11 and x12 tables and find factor pairs. Following this we will multiply 2&3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number; learning how to use written methods to solve these.

Catch up

Maths – recall times tables and division facts.

English – spelling, punctuation and grammar.


In History, we begin by looking at why Henry V made such a good king. Was he the right man for the job? As we look over his reign we find out why he invaded France and what happened as a result of this.


London and South East

In Geography, we learn about our capital city, London and the human and physical features there. We then explore the surrounding counties, including Kent and discover what there is to see and do.


This term we continue to find out about Space and Light. We will look at how light travels in straight lines and then explore how our eyes see. We will do experiments to find out how light travels and which materials reflect light.


Image Editing

This term we are using Pixlr editor to change and adapt photos and images. We will learn to: edit an image, save images, retrieve saved work confidently and use photo editing software (Pixlr) to combine images and create an end result.


Judaism: Passover

Passover is an important festival for Judaism because it marks the moment when Jews became a free people in their own right. It commemorates the night when the angel of death visited Egypt and killed the firstborn (oldest) in every family, human and animal. The Israelites (Jews) had shown their faith in G-D by smearing sacrificial blood on their doorposts. These households were untouched. This event led to the Pharaoh (king) allowing the Jews to leave. Passover (Pesach) is celebrated with a special symbolic meal called a Seder. Jesus was in Jerusalem to celebrate Passover when he was arrested. We will be exploring the story of passover and taking part in our own mini-festival of passover.


How do we keep safe in our local area?

We will be learning the terms, ‘risk’, ‘danger’ and ‘hazard’ and using them to look at risks in different situations. We will look at how to be responsible in our local area; thinking about sensible road use and risks in their local environment. As the children have more independence, we will talk about how to keep themselves and others safe. Also helping to recognise when they need help and to develop the skills to ask for help; to use basic techniques for resisting pressure to do something dangerous, unhealthy or that they think is wrong