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Teaching Assistant - Sharon West

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End of Year 2 Expectations

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End of Year Expectations - Year 2


Our topics this term are statistics and shape. We will be interpreting and drawing tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. Following on, we will start exploring 2D and 3D shapes by going on shape hunts, using straws and marshmallows to build 3D shapes and learning to count sides and vertices to identify shapes.


We are going to be diving back to the Ancient Romans from 753BC - 476AD. We will kick off our learning by learning about Remus and Romulus and how they started the Roman Empire, according to legend. We will move through the Roman time period and learn about the important figures that shaped the Roman Empire such as Julius Caesar as well as using our map work from Geography to show the impact of the Romans on Europe.


This term we are learning about newspaper articles and letters. We are writing twisted fairy tale newspaper reports inspired by the book ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad book?’ by Lauren Child. For the second half of the term we will be reading ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ which will give us fantastic ideas to write a letter to Plop about why he shouldn’t be afraid of the dark. During this learning we will hopefully have a virtual visit from an Owl Sanctuary so the children can see some real life owls. We will be exploring the characters’ feelings, how our own experiences help us imagine what we read and the vocabulary in these two texts.


Our topic for the next 2 terms is Potions and Mixtures. We will be looking at how materials change and if those changes can be reversed, for example chocolate can melt and become solid again, but you can’t change toast back into bread. In addition, we will investigate different states and learn language such as ‘gas’, ‘solid’, ‘liquid’ as well as language around mixing such as ‘solution’ and ‘dissolve’. In the second term we will look more at how we use these techniques in the real world such as how crystals are made and how recycling happens.

Our home learning termly topic, in Year 3, will be based on what mixtures and changes of state you can make at home. You could try making cakes, could you separate the ingredients once they are mixed and cooked? Try making jelly, what states does the jelly go through?

Catch Up Sessions

In our Maths catch up session, we will be focusing on times tables, particularly the 2s, 5s, 10s, and when we’ve mastered those we will start the 3s. We will also be practicing our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

In our English catch up sessions, we will be focusing on our Term 3 spellings words and handwriting of those spellings words. In addition, we will cover expanded noun phrases, adverbs and apostrophes. We will also have a word of the week challenge, where the children will need to use our word of the week, as many times as they can. This could be in conversations or in their writing.


In Year 2 we will learn that Buddhism is a tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development through meditation and focuses on enlightenment about the truth of life. We will also discover that Buddha is not a god, he was just the first person to investigate the use of meditation and to find enlightenment.


We will be exploring Hector’s World to find out about internet safety and making posters to help us remember what we need to do to stay safe online. We will then be using this learning to use filters on search engines so that we know we are only going to find things that are safe for us to look at.


In Geography, we will be diving into comparing life and the landscape in England to St Lucia in the Caribbean. This will include finding them on a map of the world and using our map skills to understand the equator and hemispheres and how they affect climate. We will also be comparing what towns and cities look like in both countries as well as what cultures and jobs the people have.


In PSHE we will be learning about what keeps us healthy and exploring food groups, daily exercise and how we can protect ourselves from germs. This will include some self-reflection on what we can do independently to improve our health, for example we could ask for fruit instead of sugary snacks, or do a home work out instead of screen time. We will also learn who is around us who can look after us.


In Year 2, we will be exploring tone, pitch and composing using ‘Charanga’ to experience a range of styles of music and composition.