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End of Year 1 Expectations

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End of Year Expectations - Year 1



In Maths this term we are looking at measurement, with a focus on length and weight. We will be perfecting our use of measuring with rulers and using centimetres as well as ensuring we use key descriptive vocabulary to describe length e.g. tall, short and long. We will also be looking at capacity and how we can weigh something to discover whether it is heavier or lighter. We will also continue with addition, subtraction and place value.


This term there will be a focus on learning the set 3 sounds as we continue to master all our phonics in preparation for the phonics screening test in the summer term. We will also be ensuring we can both read and spell the year 1 common exception words (otherwise known as red words). Look out for the phonics activities that will be being sent home to help you support your children at home.


This term we are learning about non-fiction writing and focusing on adventure stories! We are writing amazing facts about different animals and places we would like to visit taking inspiration from fiction stories such as ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Whatever Next.’ Once the children have perfected their non-fiction fact writing we are going to innovate our own adventure story. In the second half of the term we will be reading ‘my mum and dad make me life’ anSCd focusing on character descriptions and poetry. We will be celebrating our differences by inventing and performing a poem that is unique to us as a class.


Our topic this term is Potions and Mixtures continuing on from last term. We have learnt about changes of states and things we can or cannot reverse. We are going to be expanding our knowledge of how materials change and can be mixed by looking at recycling and why it is important and even recycling our own paper. We will also be investigating separating mixtures.


This term we will be learning all about Jesus. We will be learning about Jesus’ role and that he is central to Christianity and Christian belief. We will be learning about Jesus as a real historical figure and the different stories he told about how people should live.


In computing this term, we will be learning about online safety and about sharing personal information online. We will also look at simple algorithms, order, and sequence, linked to work in on-screen programming and giving clear instructions. We will also be continuing to strengthen our confidence with using Google Classroom.


In Geography, we will be using our skills and knowledge from term 1 to look at UK Geography. We will be getting an in-depth knowledge of the human and physical features of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We will also be looking at the different cultures and cuisines!


What keeps us safe? We are learning about what we need to do in our environment to keep it safe, for example learning what hazards are in our home and what we can do to avoid them. We will also be re-visiting safe strangers and people who help us.


I am incredibly excited for history this term as it is my favourite topic! We are going all the way back to Ancient Egypt and learning about what life was like and how people lived. We will be starting off by looking at why the Ancient Egyptians built temples and what happened there before moving onto looking at important pharaohs, the pyramids and mummification!


We are looking at sculpture this term and ‘all round’ art. We are creating models out of junk modelling before moving onto clay! We are incorporating our English adventure story by creating a model of how we will get to our destination!


We will be learning how to use algorithms and simple programming to write instructions on a computer. We will also be discussing online safety and the importance of being safe and sensible online as well as perfecting our use of search engines.