Specialist Resource Provision

Lead Teacher - Daniel McKay - daniel.mckay@turnerschools.com

SEN Teacher - Amy Vizzini

SEN Teaching Assistant - Stephanie Low

SEN Teaching Assistant - Louise Crane

SEN Teaching Assistant - Ellie Clarke

SEN Teaching Assistant - Holly James

SEN Teaching Assistant - Sophie Wilson

SEN Teaching Assistant - Josephine Burton

A New Beginning - by Daniel McKay

Welcome one and all to the first entry in the Lighthouse Centre Blog page!

It’s my great pleasure to have joined the team at Martello, and to be working for your children.

For those who’d like some background on myself, I have been teaching for the last 12 years, and have worked in ASD provisions for both primary and secondary settings. I hope that I can bring my experience and dedication to help your children as they begin to make progress in their learning journey.

So, where to begin? For those of you who may be wondering where the curriculum information is, please check the school website pages to see what exciting learning is taking place within the school; we will be supporting this curriculum in our own activities to better support the inclusion of all Lighthouse pupils within the mainstream.

What is the Lighthouse?

It is a shared belief that we needed to find a positive name for our SRP, something that really emphasises our ambitions for your children. Given that we are so close to the harbour, we wanted something thematic. So why not a Lighthouse? It stands tall, it shines bright, and it paves the way for others; these are qualities that we seek to embody, and want to instil in our pupils. As such, it seems an appropriate name. Of course, if you have any suggestions, we will be looking for class names, so we may open the floor to your ideas (I like the thought of a competition!).

Behaviour / Reward system.

As part of the changes we are making, the Lighthouse is using a very quick and very enticing reward system to engage pupils. A short, easily attainable sticker chart, with a theme of their choosing, is given to each pupil. If they achieve the amount of stars they need, they are given a chance to claim a small but meaningful reward of their choice; this could range from 15 minutes extra play, laptop time, lego, or any other reward that is meaningful to them. We have already seen huge changes in behaviour, and pupils seem to enjoy managing their won charts and keeping track of progress!

Parent Clinics.

Some parents will have heard in person that myself and possibly Ms. Vizzini will be offering a drop in hour after school on specific days. This is likely to launch after half term, as there is a lot to do and share with you all. However, I am settling on Monday afternoons as the designated day; this will give plenty of time during the week to action points raised in order to make sure staff and pupils are prepared for what is to come. They will run until 4.30pm. If you require a special appointment time please contact the office as we are more than willing to help.

Contact books.

Contact books will be signed each and every day by staff. Mostly, it will simply be headlines (good day, worked well, etc) but should we record an event in a contact book please feel free to contact us for any extra details you may require. Please use the books to keep us informed of any changes or details that we may need to know; the littlest things often have the biggest impact.

That’s all for this week; I look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks, and sharing our growing success with you.

Kindest regard,

Mr. McKay


Summer Blog

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all well and safe, and enjoying the sunshine!

This term has certainly been fun, and definitely busy. We have seen a lot of changes, and now we are readying for more.

So, without dallying…

An English Country Garden

As many of you have noticed, our fabulous Mrs Vizzini has been working hard to develop our patch of land into a beautiful play area for the children, complete with flowerbeds, new apparatus and chalkboards on the floors! While the area has resulted in some wet play, the children have been thrilled to use the new space, and we are pleased to see them explore and grow as they roleplay in the kitchen, experiment at the sand table, and stop to literally smell the flowers. I am sure you will join me in thanking Mrs Vizzini for all her effort.

Moving on up

We are readying ourselves for the big changes that come with the end of Summer. Life Skills lessons for our year 5 and 6 cohort are focused on how they can prepare for the next important chapters of their lives, with our year 5 pupils becoming the top tier of pupils at Martello, while our year 6 pupils ready themselves to move on to pastures new. Our transition day on the 14th will help pupils gain an understanding of where they are headed and what changes to expect, while building their confidence and making them ready to meet new faces. For our younger cohort, there will be a chance to meet the new teachers, and to ask some questions about what to expect. A daunting change, but of course one that they will handle with their usual resilience and strength.

Annual Review season

While some families have already had annual reviews, rest assured that those who haven’t will be covered over the next three weeks. We will be sending out letters of invitation, along with parental view forms. Please remember to complete these, as they are our window into your views, helping to shape our pupils’ futures whilst working alongside you. If you have any issues regarding these forms, please do not hesitate to contact the school, and we can arrange a time to discuss the various items on the sheet.

Learning at the Beach

Outdoor learning at the beach is currently underway! Pupils have had a great time on their first excursion to the local beach, combing the sands and discovering all kinds of fossils, algae and marine life. Lighthouse pupils will be invited to participate when their year group is in attendance, and families are also encouraged to join us and participate. Bring a bucket and spade!


We would like to congratulate a number of our pupils for their efforts in attending mainstream lessons. The purpose of the Lighthouse is to guide pupils towards inclusion, creating support for them to access the learning that takes place in the mainstream environment. We have seen over the last few weeks a huge development in a number of our pupils, who have begun to attend alongside the rest of their peers, and we are extremely proud of their efforts. We would also like to extend our thanks to the hard working teachers who have helped these transitions go smoothly, and to you, the parents, for your continued support and encouragement.

Afterschool Clubs

A huge thank you to Ms. Crane and Ms. Clarke for their continued work on the after school club; outdoor learning is a huge success, and the Lighthouse pupils love to explore the garden and roam the grounds. This is a great step towards inclusivity, and has really helped the pupils social and motor skill development.

And that about covers it! As ever, if you are interested in the curriculum your children are exploring, you will find details under the appropriate year group page. In the meantime, if you have issues, please feel free to make an appointment via the main office, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Kindest regards,

Mr McKay

(SRP Lead Teacher)



In maths, we are going to be moving on from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. We will be using lots of different methods to help us to be able to work out word problems that involve multiplying and dividing. To begin with, we will be recapping the times tables that will have been learnt in Key Stage 1 - the 2s, 5s and 10s. We will then be moving onto learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. There are lots of different ways you can practice the speed that you can recall your times tables, once you have learnt them, including Times Table Rockstars and Hit the Button website. Please do as much practice as you can at home, to make it easier for yourself in class!

Guided Reading

We will be reading Charlotte’s Web, written by E. B. White, as a class in Term 3. Everyday we will read a section together, taking it in turns to read aloud, following along to the reader. We will unpick the text and learn lots of new vocabulary along the way. This will help us to improve our writing in English, by giving us lots of new words and ideas to use.

Phonic Sounds

All of the Year 3 children have completed a phonics assessment at the end of Term 2 and have been put into an appropriate Read Write Inc. group for their ability. For those children who have completed the programme, we will be following a Read Write Inc. comprehension scheme to work on our reading speed and to improve our level of comprehension when reading aloud.

Catch Up Sessions

During our catch up sessions we will be continuing to learn and practice our times tables, so that we are confident to use them in our maths work. We will also be working on our spelling and handwriting, by completing tasks that will help our fine motor skills. It is extremely important that we are confident with our letter and number formation by Year 3, so that we are able to get all our fantastic ideas down onto paper. There are lots of fun activities you can do at home to help this too - drawing, writing, colouring, cutting and sticking, playdough, threading, sewing and weaving are just some examples!


In Term 3, we are going to be learning about The Norman Conquest in our History lessons. The Norman conquest of England was the invasion and occupation of England by an army made up of Normans led by the Duke of Normandy, later known as William the Conqueror or King William I. Some of the main areas we are going to be focusing on are: To know what happened as a result of Edward the Confessor’s death. To be able to understand the Saxons success in the battle of Stamford Bridge. To be able to explain what happened at the Battle of Hastings and its significance and to know how the Anglo-Saxon era came to an end. Below is the knowledge organiser we will use to help us in our history lessons.


In Geography, Year 3 are going to be learning about settlements, including the different types and what makes them attractive for people to live in. Some of our new vocabulary will be: rural, urban, hamlet, village, town, city and population.

If you’d like to get a head start on this topic, then feel free to have a browse on the BBC Bitesize KS2 website using the following link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zx72pv4/articles/zrbvjhv

Below is the knowledge organiser we will be using in our geography lessons to help us with our learning.

R.E Day

In Term 2, Year 3 loved spending the day learning about Advent. This term our R.E day will be held on Thursday 11th February. The focus of our R.E Day will be ‘Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?’ We will learn that Muslims regard Muhammed as the final messenger of God. Also, that Muslims worship in a Mosque on a Friday and the holy book they read is the Qur’an (Koran), which Muslims consider is Allah’s final message to humanity, as given to Muhammad.


In Year 3, we love getting out the Chromebooks and learning how to use them to help us with our learning in school. We are going to be learning about programming and algorithms in Term 3. We will use online tools to learn how to program using code blocks. Don’t forget to log on to our Google Classroom to complete your weekly home learning!


Our topic this term is Light, Earth and Space. We will be carrying out lots of practical lessons to learn all about our solar system, particularly focusing on our sun and moon. Have a look out for the moon each night to see what stage it is at.


In PSHE, we will be learning that we have different kinds of responsibilities, rights and duties at home, at school, in the community and towards the environment. We will be learning how to continue to develop the skills to exercise these responsibilities and understand that our actions affect ourselves and others. Also, we will be learning about the choices we have when it comes to our lifestyle (exercise and diet) and the effect they will have on our long term health.

Design and Technology

During Term 3, we will be doing D&T lessons, looking at packaging and 3-D nets. We will be designing our own product packaging and making it in 3D. We will be learning about the importance of the design of a product when it comes to advertising and how companies produce suitable designs for certain purposes.